Riverside Soy Candles Fundraiser Guidelines

  • 16oz candles are sold for $24 each, your organization will make $9.60(40%) for each candle sold.
  • Organization will sell (7) candle scents and may also sell (1) custom candle of your choice(8 scents total).  A time can be scheduled to stop by the shop to pick out candle scents. For your custom candle, you will choose candle scent and a custom label will be created to represent your organization.
  • Once your candle scents choices have been finalized, a scent description sheet and order form will be created in PDF form and emailed to your fundraiser organizer for distribution.
  • A sale end/turn-in date will be assigned to your group.  All orders must be turned in on turn-in date or there may be a delay in your pick up date.
  • All money collected from sales must be written to the organization holding the fundraiser.
  • When sale has ended and candle totals have been tallied, please fill out the tally form. This form will then need to be emailed to
  • No candles will be allowed to be added once the tally form has been submitted.  
  • Turnaround time for candle production is up to 2 weeks, fundraiser organizer will be notified if production time will exceed 2 weeks.
  • Once your candle order has been finished, candles will be organized by scent. Fundraiser organizer will be notified and an invoice with total money due will be emailed to organizer.  Pick up arrangements will be made. Delivery is available for a fee of $75.
  • Payment is due at time of pick up. Check payable to Riverside Soy Candles. 
  • Riverside Soy Candles will not be responsible in assisting with advertising of fundraiser, candle sales or distribution of candles.

For any further questions, please contact Danette at